NME - DOS Map Editor

NME is a Map editor for GBA development (intended for GBA development but may be used freely for what ever purpose you like). It was written in Qbasic and exports using one of two different modes to a header file for C/C++. More information can be found in the readme.txt file included in the zip.

NOTE1: NME stands for New Map Editor... I assure you the Old Map Editor was likely to be horrid so in the best interest of the world lets hope it's never found ;)
NOTE2: This is a very old project that proved to be useful past its intended life, the source version is dangerous to your sanity, though it does have some nice features over the other versions worth checking out.
NOTE3: We no longer use this Map editor but its here for historical reasons and may be useful to some out there =)

Current version: 0.49
Current version: 0.49C For Cortelvisto Mark 2 map editing

In Testing version: 0.5 (source) Beta

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