Target: Mainframe for Gameboy Advance

You play the part of Linus Torvalds in an attempt to bring Linux to Microsoft. You've broken into the Microsoft headquarters and now all you have to do is find the mainframe computer and upload a worm which will install Linux on any computer on the network. The mainframe however is hidden. Find it and help Linus complete his mission!

This project was for my school major project for multimedia. We were asked to choose from different categories on which to base our project. I chose Game development and design =).

The idea spawned on 9th May 2003 with the project completing on 19th September 2003. with around 22 hours a week work. The texture and sprite art could be improved along with a couple of sprite 'bugs', which you'll probably notice while playing.

In June I ran into speed problems. I could maybe get 1/2 a frame per second without textures and sprites. Anyone would know this is not playable =P, I was determined to get it running at a decent speed. I had to learn ARM ASM and wrote a texture and sprite blitting routines it took 3 weeks, which worried me because I thought I might run out of time.

The title screen I stole from here a site with free tux wall papers, I 'borrowed' one of the images and edited it a little, I figured no one would mind too much =). Most of the graphics are by me, I was actually surprised how easy it was with a digital camera and about an hour. The basement doors and walls were made using a digital camera and some work in Paint Shop pro =)

Anyway enough with the babble. Here are some screen shots, and the link to download.

Current verion: 1.0 (280Kb)

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