3ds extractor/converter - Win32 Binary Included

You may find this useful if:
  • You need data from a .3ds file in your own format or raw data
  • You can't be bothered working out the 3ds file format but need to use it
  • You're looking to write your own program similar to this but not sure where to start.

    The code only extracts vertex, index and UV data. Any other information can easily be extracted by adding support for them to the processing loop.

    The Chunk3DS Class included with the package, used by the main tool, may also be useful on its own to you. Though you'll want to have background of the format (or another that uses chunks - you could easily change the class to fit your needs) if you intend to use it for its original purpose.

    Any other the information about this tool and its code is in the readme.txt and source files.

    Current verion: 1.0 (170Kb)

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